Return to yourself

How do you do that again? If you no longer see things clearly and your just making all kinds of scenarios in your head, because we are very good at that, right? Sometimes you can suddenly lose all contact with yourself, because you have lost your balance somewhere along the way. Somewhere you haven’t recognized […]

The art of being alone

Being alone is something a lot of people fear, but somehow it’s the most beautiful thing there is and everyone should give this as a present to themselves. Even if it’s only for a certain period, because in that time you can learn so much about yourself. Being alone is a very beautiful process you […]

When you are ‘authentic’, you will attract much more people

In a life full of masks and everyone who has created a certain identity just to be able to or want to belong somewhere, authentic people are the most wanted. Through the years we have been taught to want to or we need to belong to something else, because otherwise you will be left out. […]

Get out of your shadow and step back into the light

This is a slogan which can be used for everyone, because too long we have been hidden from the world and ourselves. Never choosing for ourselves or let ourselves take for granted and not choose ourselves because of lack of self-confidence, old beliefs and what we have been taught. But now the time has come […]

Letter to my ‘old’ me

Dear ‘old’ me, I leave you with love, along with the past. I leave you with love with everything that no longer serves me. We experienced beautiful times together, but especially very tough times. There were times I didn’t even want to be here and longed for ‘home’. I have learned a lot from those […]

Your unique soul path

For a long time I have been searching for myself, because I thought I had lost myself somewhere along the way. Sometimes you live a life without being aware that you ended up in a survival mode. This survival mode is generally led by the ego and ensures that you can completely lose the connection […]