De confrontatie met jezelf en losbreken van het lineaire denken

Vaak genoeg loop ik met mezelf tegen de lamp aan. Ik val weer terug in oude patronen en oordelen over mezelf. Ik raak gefrustreerd als de dingen niet gaan zoals ik denk dat ze moeten gaan. Ik wil ergens nog controle houden, maar weet soms niet eens waar ik controle over wil houden. Gebeurtenissen die […]

From powerlessness back to trust

Sometimes you come into situations where you have no control at all. And what you can do is try to let go, see and approach everything calmly. That is not always easy, because you get sucked in that moment where things are not so clear anymore. Frustrated being left behind, asking what you still can […]

Ascension process part 2

Throughout all the emotions that will come out and energies that circulate, the whole ascension process also involves all kinds of different processes. I will mention the different processes that can pass and what I have experienced myself. Irregular sleep or restless sleep, lots of lucid dreams and sometimes so tired that you almost do […]